Sunday, 10 February 2008

A Work In Progress and Some Craft Room Purdiness

Hi Peeps! It's been a super busy past few months with very little time for creativity. Which is totally redonkulous, because we all need to take time every day for something creative, lest we go insane. Of course there are some that would argue that creativity needs to flow naturally, but I know for a fact that just sitting down and pushing bits of fabric and trim around always makes me feel better- or cruising through blogland and just admiring the work of others.

Anyway, here's a work in progress that i've been fooling with for like a month, both conceptually and manually. It's a portrait bracelet of my fave historical female figure, Marie Antoinette.

It is set on a 1.5 inch wide tapestry ribbon. The picture was printed on fabric and sewn on the base; then the black/gold trim was hand sewn around it. I ruched 7mm variegated pink silk ribbon and sewed it on with a bow. Then, Swarovski crystals in silver settings were sewn onto the ribbon with a couple sequins and some tiny faux pearls.

The closure is going to be fiddly- the best way I can describe it is that it'll resemble a corset and be elesticised. I wanted to try something a little different than the usual ribbon clamps.

There's been a huge rediscovery of 18th century style in general, and Marie Antoinette in particlar recently. I'm thrilled with that, because I've always loved that era. In fact, my Mother's name is Marie Antionette, and my middle name is Antoinette.(A family name.) My Mother is a very talented maker of doll vignettes and lots of other gorgeous things- I hope to get her going on a blog soon.

Here are a couple of shots from my craft room. This one is just some pretty boxes (which were actually for Christmas, but too pretty to pack away)and some silk ribbon flowers I made- sitting on the mantel over the fireplace in my craft room / my hubby's office...

Also, this is a vintage peach lace nightie (from the 60's)that belonged to my Godmother. It's hanging on the closet door in the craft room. Pinned to it are lots of vintage brooches and earrings that belonged to my husband's Mother and my Great Aunt. The cool glittery "A" came from Terri at Primtiques. There's a tin pocket on the knob that I keep small bits of fabric and other junk in.

Guess i'll catch yall later!

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