Saturday, 3 November 2007

Yes, I Am A Cheapskate...

... But I'm a crafty cheapskate. I hade been admiring these gorgeous wastebaskets from Layla Grace for quite some time; but I can't justify spending 100+ bucks on something to throw pieces of thread and paper in, so I improvised:

This was a $6 unfinished wooden wastebasket from Hobby Lobby, which I decoupaged with coordinating scrapbook papers that I cut to fit. The inside has a burgundy color with a golden glaze, and the corners and top edges are finished with gold Rub-n-Buff. I coffee-dyed a paper doily and added my initials over it with gold glitter letters. Having thus claimed this can in my name, anyone else in this house using it to drop empty soda cans and dirty socks into shall be beaten soundly. Here's a corner view:

And here is my latest photoshop insanity: