Monday, 17 March 2008

Guess What I've Been Doing?

Get your mind out of the gutter.
Besides fighting with my internet connection, I've been trying ribbon flowers. I bought the beginners kit and extra set of ribbons from . It included a dvd and book, crinoline, some stamens, needle and thread. Here's some of my stuff, mixed in with a lil' tsumami kanzashi flowers I made:

They're clipped to a little wire frame hat I found at Goodwill for 29 cents. The small pictures clipped on there are actually printed on fabric, waiting for me to get off my lazy arse and use them.

Anyway, I thought that making ribbon flowers was going to be an easy no brainer with spectacular results. But I was wrong. Like everything else it takes a helluva lot of practice and the ruining of expensive supplies to get it right. The biggest pain is the folded roses. (Top left of above pic) This is where you take a ribbon that costs more than your car note and mangle it until you end up in the looney bin with carpal tunnel syndrome. If you finally do get it right, you aren't sure how it happened because the whole thing became a blur of insanity. I do love the way this pansy looks though:

Anyway, it's a pain in the butt of a hobby, but very rewarding. I have no idea what to do with the flowers once they're done. Guess i'll stick em on a hat or something.

Here is a picture I love, it's of a shelf in my craft room. Those are antique (50's) babies made of soap that my Mom gave me. They are from Germany- i'm assuming they are a baby shower gift.

Have you ever had a pet that got on your nerves so bad that you wanted to scream? But you still loved it because you had no choice? That's our little Oscar the mini-weenie dawg. One minute he's such an angel, and the next he's out rolling in possum poop and/or fish guts and barking in the house like a maniac. I had told my husband that weenie dogs are known for being willful and that we'd be better off with something more sedate- like an alligator or something, but as usual, he never listens, and we end up with this: