Wednesday, 21 March 2007

One Of The Coolest Things I've Ever Seen

So we've just about all seen the adorable "fairy doors" for sale on the internet and elsewhere; but good Lord, will you take at gander at this:

It came from this awesomely enchanting website: . They're rather pricey, but it looks to me as if they are worth it!
Heard about the "urban fairy" doors popping up all over Ann Arbor, Michigan? Read about em' here: .
Hehe. What would be hilarious is if someone made some fairy homes for down here in the Deep South. A little tiny mobile home (maybe made of a mushroom or a log or something) with lil' wooden wheels and tiny polyester curtains and a wee clothesline hung with patched britches. Hahaha! Or maybe a nicer fairy house with a blue-tarped roof. After all, wouldn't the Fae be affected by Katrina as well? Just a thought.

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