Tuesday, 13 March 2007

If I Could be a Photographer...

This is my favorite photograph, The Mirror of Long Ago, by my favorite (deceased) photographer, Clarence John Laughlin. As I kid I was fortunate enough to be given as a gift his best known book of photography, Ghosts Along the Mississippi. His subject matter often revolved around broken down old southern plantations, graveyards, moss-dripping columns, cracked plaster. Right up my alley, of course.

This is Victorian Phantasms (1946). Even when Laughlin did photograph something other than southern ruins, the photography still had an ominous overtone.

But my favorite photos of his are the ones he is best known for- as I mentioned before, southern ruins. Having grown up in southern Mississippi, one hour away from New Orleans, I can't help but love this subject matter. My parents used to take me to old abandoned houses, graveyards,etc. They are weirdos, so I guess I get it honestly.

Besieging Wilderness.

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