Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Holiday Home Party!!!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my Holiday Home! First off, allow me to thank the gracious hostess of this shindig, Karla's Cottage... What a lovely idea!

Anyway, welcome to Christmas in south Mississippi, and it's nighttime, which is my fave part because of all the twinkly romantic lights and candles. Therefore you shall be getting a candlelight tour of my 1920 farmhouse. Come on up the front porch... (please be sure and click on the pictures for the full sizes)

Through the dining room, and please have a look at our lovely chandelier that i've decked out with organza ribbons and an ornament:

And here are the French doors into the parlor, where we shall have some tea and enjoy the stove (it's actually like 75 degrees right now, so we'll just have it on for a sec, haha):

One of my favorite things about this room is the reflection of the tree lights on the hardwood floor!

Here's a few thingies under the tree that I love looking at... i've had that Santa box there since I was like 16! We won't say what year that was, but my hair was really big and I was into Def Leppard, big time.

This is my favorite spot in the room. The prayer books belonged to my Mother when she was a little girl in Catholic school, in New Orleans.

Tea Time! I love my china set, also a gift from my lovely Mother...

Come into my kitchen, I have some goodies for you! Have a cupcake, yall!

Here's a collaged garland I made, it's above my kitchen door. It says "Comfort".

Finally, my wonderful hubby Chris and my sweetie son Courtland have decorated this lovely gingerbread house for this occasion. I'm sure you'll agree that they have mad gingerbread skillz.

I want to thank you all for visiting, I have so enjoyed having you, and can't wait to visit your Holiday Homes as well!!!

Merry Christmas!


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