Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Apparently, this great state of Mississippi has ranked the highest in obesity rates.
My word. I just can't fathom why...

Now folks, this here is how you make an authentic, New Orleans/Delta style Po' Boy. This is not a sub sandwich. Nor is this a gyro, or anything similar. It's a Po' Boy. You start by cooking a cheap roast till it's just falling apart, saving the drippings to make a gravy (or use a canned gravy if you're lazy like me), which is mixed with the beef and then you shred it up like all get out. Then it's simmered till it's even softer. Serve dressed on real French bread. If you don't have real Po' Boy bread like what is shown below, keep your french bread out for a couple of hours till it's just slightly stale. This is traditionally served with onyon rangs, I guarantee, cher.

Note: If you don't have gravy dripping down all the way to your elbow while eating this, you have not made a Po' Boy.

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