Monday, 27 August 2007

Because my Swiffer duster was cold. And ugly.

I had to make a cozy for my Swiffer duster. Swiffers work wonderfully, but they lack the old fashioned charm of feather dusters. The emboidery pattern was part of a pack I won on ebay- it dates from 1915. I stitched the embroidery (done on a piece of unbleached muslin) to a cloth gingham bag I made. Only then did I realize that the ginormous flower on the embroidery is just a tad creepy, and the bonnet girl appears to be fighting it off. So now my Swiffer duster is warm, but it probably has nightmares.

Anyway, I got this lovely pink 50's cannister this weekend, along with the pretty hanky it's sitting on. Prince Froggie, guardian of my craft table, is checking it out:

I needed a nifty storage for some glitter letters (which I am dying to make use of, but haven't yet) , so I dressed up this apothecary jar:

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