Tuesday, 29 April 2008

About this Guy you've been seeing...

Sit down a spell young lady- I've been wanting to speak to you about this gentleman you've been consorting with lately. Now I don't want to appear a prude, but he simply isn't right for you. He reeks of "High Karate" cologne and sweaty polyester. He wears too many medallions and has so much chest hair, you could braid it. Tsk tsk, it simply won't do. And I think I saw a bottle of cheap Courvesier and some massage oil in a crumpled paper bag on the seat of his Pinto. I heard he hangs out in hot tubs, too. Now turn off that Abba record you're playing and go to your room. Finish that Macrame owl kit your Aunt BillyJo gave you and get your mind off of "Barry".

Ahem. Now that we've got that out of the way, let me show you what little i've been working on. I don't like sewing, and sewing doen't like me. I sew when I need to only. But yesterday me and sewing made an uneasy truce in this fabric collage:

It started out as a fabric atc and just spread out. There's a little silk ribbon embroidery, fake crazy quilting, decorative machine stitch, and plain old hand stitch. Here's a close up:

Here is also a silk ribbon and feather barette, looking none the worse after the cat assumed that it was a super happy fun cat toy made just for her:

I would also like to give propers to In Obscuro , the source of the photoshop brushes I used to make the lace borders and accents on my new header. She has some darkly beautiful art as well as some of the best PS brushes evah.

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